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  • Ballschule Frey, Maxi Ballschule

    Maxi Ballschule Alter 5 – 6 Jahre

    0,00 110,00 

    Playful unsupervised learning, moderation and versatility. The goals and contents are a versatile, comprehensive general education, i.e. the playful, diverse learning of movement and the gathering of movement experiences in a wide variety of tasks.

    Contents:  playing ball sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, child-friendly rules, sport-specific techniques, basic interaction behavior, general strengthening of the muscles, coordination training, exercises and game forms to improve endurance and speed, partner and group exercises to promote social skills, team games .

    Duration: approx. 50 minutes  Offer in the sports facilities

  • Power Games 7 – 9 Jahre

    0,00 110,00 

    In “Power Games” the children learn the skills they need in any other sporting activity and we also work our way through topics such as self-confidence, courage, calm and much more in a playful way, so that physical abilities and self-image can grow together.

    The “Power Games” contain the most important elements of the ball school, such as playful, varied, age-appropriate and unsupervised learning with the ball, in combination with exciting parkours in which you can demonstrate and improve all your physical and mental abilities, plus fun and Understandable games that not only indirectly show you in the game how brave you are and where your possibilities lie, but are also consciously made clear.

    Duration: approx. 50 minutes  Offers in the sports facility